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Hello hello! I am Marcus Sundström, otherwise known as "ZeroEx" on the Internet. Welcome to my Bear blog. This is a place for me to write about whatever. I don't have a set publishing schedule, but I try to put something out there once a week. All content made by me is provided under Creative Commons Zero [📦].

I'm currently trying out Bear and I'll be reviewing my experience with it in a blog post that will come at the end of April.

I'm also working on a Swedish informal translation of the Communist Manifesto, based on an English edition available through Wikisource [📦]. I'm aiming towards having it finished by the International Workers' Day (05-01).

Me elsewhere

I'm available on Reddit (u/redditorzeroex) and Twitter (@userzeroex). I can also be reached via email at the address

I have a Discor server! It's a small place to chill and talk about whatever in.